Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the entire Scientific Committee, it is our honour and pleasure to announce and invite you to the International Meeting on “Innovative Perspectives in Acoustic Neuroma Surgery”, that will be held on 19-21 April 2018, in Verona.
We have crafted an outstanding program that showcases excellent science, technological innovations, education and training on the most advanced and recent acquisition of acoustic neuroma surgery. The conference features a series of 13 workshops with the most quoted worldwide experts.
The main keynote scientific event, three hours of live surgery, directly to the meeting venue from the surgical rooms of the University Hospital “Polo Confortini” in Verona, focuses on the new microscopic transcanal surgical pathways.
We are sure that this meeting is a good chance to meet among international experts to discuss strategies and innovations applied to acoustic neuroma treatment, from traditional surgical techniques to the latest innovative transcanal endoscopic surgical approaches.
A dissection course on lateral skull base surgical approaches is available for twenty attendees at the ICLO St. Francis de Sales, a very modern structure in Verona dedicated to teaching and surgical training.
We trust that the attendees will enjoy also the social events of the Congress. The gala dinner will take place at the luxury eighteenth-century “Chamber of Muses” in Villa Mosconi-Bertani. This unique evening, in the very cradle of Italian Amarone, the most famous among the best Italian wines, is not to be missed, not only for the typical Italian dishes and wines, but also for the music and the lights, that will create a very unique magic historical atmosphere.
The wine-taste tour follows the history of the Villa, its architecture and wine production, taking guests through the elegant rooms and salons, the gardens and Romantic park, listed into the “Grandi Giardini Italiani” , the historic cellars and the vineyards which produce grapes for Amarone and Valpolicella wines. This social event will be also the occasion to celebrate with the attendees the ninety years of the Amarone. The classic Valpolicella Amarone, dating from 1928, was invented just at the Villa Mosconi Bertani thanks to the mistake of a cellerman who had left a Recioto to ferment longer than prescribed.
With a population of approximately 300,000 inhabitants, Verona is not only known as a treasure-trove of delectable foods and outstanding wines famous all over the world but above all is the city of “Juliet and Romeo” and of the “Arena”, the most famous worldwide lyric appointment. Half-end of April is a very pleasant month of the year in Verona, and we are certain that participants of the meeting will enjoy also a comfortable stay there.

Daniele Marchioni

Giampietro Pinna